Netflix Is Taking Action Against Proxy And “Unblockers”

Netflix knows that some of its subscribers are using proxy services or any other similar way of changing your location virtually and they are taking action.


When Netflix was launched worldwide, including the Philippines, everyone has started to become joyful expecting that they can now finally access the streaming service without the hassle. But it turns out, only 93% of the total US content is not available in PH due geographic restriction. And so, subscribers, new and old, still prefer to use proxies in order to get more from what they are provided.

The streaming service has announced that it is finally ready to take down on these “unblockers.” Netflix will be able to detect different extensions and proxies being used to fool their system. Expect the action to take effect in a couple of weeks.

Despite this, Netflix hopes to get rid of the issue when it comes to international content licensing. Perhaps the studios can be more considerate for the viewers, so they can enjoy various content without the need to resort to illegal downloads.


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