Audition Online Dance Battle breaks 700,000 Peak Concurrent Users in China

According to The Electronic Times Internet, Korean-made Multiplayer Online Casual Game or MOCG Audition Online Dance Battle breaks 700,000 Peak Concurrent Users (PCU) in China. Audition Online China is being published by, developed by T3 Entertainment and being distributed by Yedang Entertainment (the developer of Priston Tale and Priston Tale 2).

Audition Online is currently open beta in the Philippines, being published by IP e-Games Ventures, Inc. or e-Games Philippines. Audition-PH is enjoying continued growth and popularity among Filipino gamers, specially to the kids and the kids-at-heart.

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Former Tour champ dies in road accident

DAGUPAN CITY – Former Tour champion Romeo Bonzo died today after a speeding van sideswiped his motorcycle in Sual, Pangasinan.

PO1 Joel Ramirez, intelligence and warrant officer of the Sual police station, said Bonzo, 48, was riding on his motorcycle when he stopped to talk to somebody in a van parked by the roadside.

It was then, police said, that a speeding van attempted to overtake the two vehicles. But because a truck was on the opposite lane, the van driver, identified as Moises Moyano of Barangay Bolosan, this city, swerved to the right, hitting Bonzo.

Bonzo sustained head injuries. He died on arrival at the Trauma Center here.

Moyano immediately surrendered to the police.

Former Tour champion Jess Garcia said he was stunned upon hearing Bonzo’s death.

Garcia said he was with Bonzo last Sunday during the staging of the Domalandan Cycling Classic in Lingayen, which Garcia organized and where Bonzo served as lead marshal.

“He is a big loss to Pangasinan cycling. He has been helping me in all my races in the province,” Garcia said.

Aside from assisting in the race, Garcia said Bonzo was also in Lingayen to support his only son, Mark Julius, who placed 10th during the race. Mark Julius is also a member of the Philippine National Youth Team.

Bonzo, an Army sergeant then, was shot to fame in 1983 when, as a rookie, he won that year’s Marlboro Tour. He was also declared 1983 Rookie of the Year.

In 1985, he quit the Marlboro Tour despite wearing the yellow jersey after he was penalized by tour officials for slapping his teammate in the nape.

His older brother, Modesto, was also 1976 Tour of Luzon champion.

Bonzo retired from the Army five years ago and joined the municipal government of Sual as Bantay Dagat volunteer.

He is survived by his wife, Clarita, and his five children.

Experiencing Indonesia

Indonesia may not have Europe’s high class and sophisticated charm, nor America’s fast-paced life, but behind the cover of practiced humility most Asian nations have taken to, Indonesia is a country that, given time, could easily be at par with the highly industrialized nations of today.

Jakarta, as the heart of the archipelago, hums with the busy bustle of a rapidly developing city. Jakarta alone can already give you a dash of Indonesia’s culture, through their world-renowned wayang kulit (shadow puppets), incomparable batik, and spicy foods.

Indonesians are friendly, although generally cautious to foreigners, especially fellow Asians. They rarely intermarry so the individuality of their physical features has been preserved.

The famous Borobudur Temple which is in the province of Yogyakarta is a mere 25 minutes flight from Jakarta. Its every bit as wondrous as it must have been to archaeologists in the past, when they considered naming it as one of the seven wonders of the world. The temple also depicts the life of Buddha, through the intricate stone carvings on its walls. You have to walk around the entire temple to finish it. At the topmost level, you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic view of mountains, including the range they call Sleeping Giant because it resembles, well, a sleeping giant.

Tagged as the Paradise Island, the island of Bali is a place i truly dream of. The usual tourists here are those from Europe or America, with a few Asians drifting in and out. A vacation atmosphere hangs heavily in the air and you can detect it simply by looking at people.

Bali is a weird, totally cool place. Its like one very big house. You can wear anything you want (or nothing at all), and get away with it. And the beaches are really something, although I have some reservations of calling it the “second heaven.” Its just miles and miles of unspoiled beach, with the softest sand you ever stepped on. You can go in for as far as thirty feet, and not get anything but your knees wet.       

Applying Principles and Virtues on Guild Management

I wrote an article "On Guild Management" which I highly recommend to all aspiring Guild Leaders (GL) and those who already are. The first few minutes after I posted it, I've been receiving good feedbacks via YM, mobile, and even landline calls! But the best way to prove that is for you to read it.

To quote one, a GM of Mobius Online Games ( (translated to English) "It is a good read for guild management because it does not have the complexities of the other guild guides, additionally, it is easy to remember and principles kicks-a**."

Go read it by clicking here.


Jovial events lined up for fiesta celeb

Jovial and momentous activities have been lined up for year’s celebration of the Dagupan City fiesta on December 1 to 30 carrying the theme “Celebrate Life.”

 City fiesta executive committee chair Maria Librada Reyna stressed that all fiesta activities organized by the city government and some private sectors are in line with the city’s vision to make it bigger and better for Dagupeños and Pangasineses here and abroad.

 Fiesta-goers will be feted with street parties, concerts, social activities, art exhibits, trade expo, costume and lantern parades, cultural shows, drum and bugle exhibitions, fireworks display, various talent competitions, among others.

 To contribute to the festive mood and colorful theme of the fiesta, a search for the best Dagupan fiesta PUJ, tricycle and calesa will be launched on December 7. The entries will parade the entire stretch of the downtown area during the Lim-mewawa caravan, a citywide fiesta motorcade, on December 16.

 On the same day, the multi-awarded University of Luzon drum and bugle corp will have its exhibition.

A grand fiesta parade dubbed “Pakislapan” featuring the participants of the lantern and costume competition will enthrall the crowd on December 22.

 Free concert performances by the country’s hottest rock bands Sponge Cola and Calla Lily will entertain Dagupeños on December 14, 7pm, at the People’s Astrodome.

 On December 19, high school students from public and private schools will outperform each other during the Inter high school cheerdance competition at the Malimgas Market.


A dance festival and cultural show is slated on December 22 at the People’s Astrodome followed by Himig Pasko, a grand choral competition, on the 23rd at the city plaza.

 On the other hand, Dagupan fiesta is not just about pleasure but it also serves as a venue for reunions among various clans and organizations in the city, such as: Patrima Night (Dec.17), Barangay Health Workers Day (Dec17), Banker’s Night (Dec. 19), Senior Citizens Night (Dec.20), MADAVFE Night (Dec21), SK Night (Dec.21), Educator’s Night (Dec. 22), Pankakasakey na Sangkakanayon (Dec.23), Barangay Night (Dec. 27), DCNHS Alumni Homecoming Night (Dec. 28), Pawil Dagupan Night (December 29), Dalton Clan Night (Dec. 29), and Rotary Night (Dec. 30).

 The celebration of the annual fiesta is in honor of St. John the Evangelist, the city’s patron saint whose feast day is December 26. (Leziel T. Cayabyab)