Always backup your database..OK!

By Aurelie A. Peralta

I have already deployed two ASP.NET content management systems, the PSU Eastern Cluster Community Server ( and the Pangasinan State University Official Website ( Both websites uses Microsoft SQL Server, version 2000 for the Eastern Cluster Site and 2005 Express for the PSU Official Site. The Eastern Cluster Site’s database is working well since November 2006 and have not encountered any errors as of now. With the number of postings in the site, its database actually is a large one now. (more…)

Warning about Copyright Infringement

BNS would like to remind our hosted clients to respect IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) of copyright owners. It is to warn everybody about Copyright Infringement of software. If one is not careful with the software they use, they might be charged with software piracy which is punishable by law. One of our clients just got an email from a copyrighted software about their use of vbulletin software which was unlicensed by the hosted clients.  Not only is this embarrasing, it could subject the site owner to possible legal liabilities. The owner of the software has the right to sue, and if one is proven guilty of copyright infringement, charges includes an immediate order to stop using the software, confiscation of other items involved, paying the owner of the copyright any profits you received from using the software and other damages.

The true essence of blogging

By Aurelie A. Peralta

Blogs are very interesting, informative and entertaining. It is one of the most beautiful ideas which have been conceptualized and realized in the Internet. With the different web technologies available, people find it easy nowadays to publish their thoughts and writings reaching a worldwide audience or readers. In a blog, it is not how perfect your grammar and composition that matters but how well you express your thoughts and ideas clearly. Of course, originality is what makes it valuable and admirable to the readers. (more…) was developed and hosted by PS Ventures Philippines

By Aurelie A. Peralta

The official website of Drivenet Computer & Communication System which was developed using ASP.NET technology is now hosted by PS Ventures (

DriveNET Computer & Communication System was setup in 2000 as a provider of effective e-learning and comprehensive Information Communications Technology to corporate clients and to the public.

Over the years, it has progressed to be a leader in comprehensive information technology consultative and intervention services, richer in expertise and wiser in experience. Their major expertise are PABX, CCTV & Security System products. A fully digital and data communication that represents the cutting edge of telecommunication system technology.

DCCS is guided by the principle of integrity, quality and value, willing to give each client full satisfaction in the information and communication technology services that it provides.

Congratulations to Drivenet!