SIPA, the first Pinoy game & app on iTunes & Android Market

Sipa pinoy game on Android & iTunes

A group of young mobile app developers have launched the first Pinoy-themed game on iTunes and the Android Market. It is called SIPA or simply called street hacky sack.
This game is a must-try because it reminds us of those good old days when Filipino street games like patintero, taguan, habulan, tumbang preso and luksong tinik ruled the day. If I mention these games to my kids now, I know they will just say DUH! to me because they’re more used to video games played on handheld consoles, desktops or internet cafes.

The desire to refresh our memory with traditional Filipino games is the inspiration for the development of SIPA. As Team Butchokoy, the proponents of the game, said: “Technology has changed the way kids play now but this same technology can help us appreciate games no longer played.  SIPA brings back childhood memories and introduces this to the younger generation.  On top of this, Butchokoy, the central character plays SIPA in historic and beautiful places in the country like Rizal Park, University of the Philippines, Quiapo, Mt. Pulag.  ?.”

So guys, if you’re using an Apple product or an Android device, it is worth checking out SIPA and relive electronically what the childhood of before is like ;)

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