2007: The year that was

Quick, what happened this year? Off to top of my head and still causing me sleepless nights is Mr. Trillanes. Media rules! Who covers the excesses of media? The watchman. And then the string of scandals with ZTE at the pinnacle. De Venecia, Abalos, De Venecia sound like a slogan. Zoom back to the hostage [...]

L2-SEA Launch: Battle Tournament

Do you think you got what it takes to be the best player in Lineage II - South-East Asia? Form a team and show everybody how to play the best game in South-East Asia - the hardcore way!


  • Open to all players in groups of five (5) with characters at least level 20
  • Open to a maximum of eight (8) teams with groups of five (5) members each. Registration is on a first come, first served basis
  • Registration starts at 11:00am ACT and closes at 3:00pm ACT
  • Briefing starts at 3:30pm ACT while the tournament proper starts at 4:00pm ACT
  • A fifteen (15) minute allowance will be allotted for teams past 3:30pm ACT. All teams who are not present at the tournament area past 3:45pm ACT will be immediately disqualified
  • Registrants must fill in the following data when signing up:
    • Name
    • Server
    • Username/Account ID
    • Character Name
    • Address
    • Mobile #
    • Email Address (used on your L2-SEA Account)
    • Preferred Job Class
    • Character Level
    • Team Name
  • Party Composition: Teams will be subject to the following with regards to the composition of each group of five (5):
    • Characters classified by their levels will be counted as follows:
      • S-Grade 75-80: 80 Points
      • A-Grade 60-74: 30 Points
      • B-Grade 52-59: 20 Points
      • C-Grade 40-51: 10 Points
      • D-Grade 20-39: 5 Points
    • Parties of five (5) cannot exceed one hundred (100) points
      • Example #1: 230 Points (ineligible)
        • 1x Level 75 Necromancer = 80 points
        • 1x Level 75 Paladin = 80 points
        • 1x Level 74 Hawkeye = 30 points
        • 1x Level 59 Bishop = 20 points
        • 1x Level 59 Prophet = 20 points
      • Example #2: 100 Points (Qualified)
        • 1x Level 74 Spell Howler = 30 points
        • 1x Level 74 Hawkeye = 30 points
        • 1x Level 59 Bishop = 20 points
        • 1x Level 51 Overlord = 10 points
        • 1x Level 51 Warlord = 10 points
  • Participants must field at least three (3) but not more than five (5) members or lose eligibility to participate
  • All parties can field only one (1) healer class character (Shillien Elder, Elder, and Bishop)
  • Demonic Swords (Akamanah, Zarische) and Hero haracters are prohibited to be used in the tournament
  • The tournament will follow a single-round elimination death-match format
  • Each round will run for ten (10) minutes or until one side is completely wiped out
  • If there are still surviving members on both sides after ten (10) minutes have elapsed, the team with the most number of surviving members will be declared as the winner
  • If both sides have an equal number of surviving members, the team with the highest level average will be declared as the winner
  • The losers of the semi-final round will battle for 3rd place
  • All participants must obey the game marshals at any given time during the tournament especially during the briefing of instructions during the trounament proper. Failure to do so will amount to the following penalties:
    • 1st Offense: One character penalty for the current round
    • 2nd Offense: One character penalty for the current round
    • 3rd Offense: Team is disqualified
  • Players are expected to carry themselves in a respectable and sportsman-like manner. Any player caught trash-talking and/or using vulgar language in-game or otherwise will be penalized by immediate disqualificiation of his/her team
  • The decisions of the marshals preceding the tournament are final


  • Grand Champion
    • Five Thousand Pesos (PhP5,000.00) Cash
    • 5x Lineage II Gift Packs
    • 5x Top Grade Lifestone (Level 58)
    • 5x Commodore's Hat
  • 2nd Place
    • Three Thousand Pesos (PhP3,000.00) Cash
    • 5x Lineage II Gift Packs
    • 5x Top Grade Lifestone (Level 58)
    • 5x Commodore's Hat
  • 3rd Place
    • Two Thousand Pesos (PhP2,000.00) Cash
    • 5x Lineage II Gift Packs
    • 5x Top Grade Lifestone (Level 58)
    • 5x Commodore's Hat

* This event is available at SM Mall of Asia (Megapolitan Manila) only.

L2-SEA Launch: Clan Rally

Gather your clan members in celebrating the launch and Lineage II will sponsor your clan's gimmick for the night!

Read on for the mechanics and prizes


  • Open to all clans with at least Clan Level 3 (CL3)
  • Participating clans must make and bring a clan flag based on their clan logo to the event with the following dimensions and format:
    • Dimension: 17x22 inches
      • Width: 17 inches
      • Height: 22 inches
    • Format: Vertical
    • Paper or Cloth
  • Clans without a flag will not be eligible for the Clan Rally contest
  • Clan Flag Restrictions
    • Must not contain copyrighted, trademarked (registered or not) logos, emblems, and graphic materials
    • No offensive graphical content
    • No pornography
    • No fould language
    • Must not have racist, political, religious, and sexist themes
  • Clans must submit their flags to the registration booth to be displayed on a center-piece in the event area
  • Clans must have a Clan Shout (Greetings, Cheer, BattleCry) - Clan Members will shout out when called to the stage
  • The Clan Shout must be submitted during registration, printed out on a letter-size (short) bond paper
  • Clan Shout Restrictions
    • Must not contain copyrighted slogans
    • No sexual innuendos
    • No foul language
    • Must not have racist, political, and sexist themes
  • Clans must submit their roster who are present in the event to the Clan Rally booth. The roster submitted is final and no changes will be honoured once it is approved
  • Members can only be registered on one clan and only once
  • For the roster to be approved, a call-out/headcount will be done to confirm the validity of the roster
  • Each clan member must fill in the following data during registration:
    • Name
    • Server
    • Username/Account ID
    • Clan Name
    • Character Name
    • Address
    • Mobile #
    • Emai Address (used on your L2-SEA Account)
  • Registration closes at exactly 4:00pm ACT. Late registrants will not be accomodated.
  • Clan members will be verified and tallied after registration is closed
  • Clans must be at the event grounds from 6:00pm ACT onwards
  • Criteria:
    • 60% Clan Attendance
    • 20% Clan Flag
    • 10% Audience Impact of Clan Shout
    • 10% Originality of Clan Shout


  • 20x Enchant Weapon A (scroll)
  • Ten Thousand Pesos (PhP10,000.00) cash

* Currently open for all Philippine venues only.
* Additional details will be provided later for the Singapore-Malaysia Launch at Kuala Lumpur.

Isuzu-Gencars.com.ph pilot project for Live Response

BNS Hosting has chosen Isuzu Gencars, Philippines as one of the pilot project for our Live Response service.  This  allows staff users to constantly monitor/manage support desk and chat with clients for inquiries. BNS will be engaging with Isuzu Gencar’s website visitors in real conversation!   A “live chat” button will be placed on any page of the website so visitors can request a live chat session, or our staff user can proactively request to chat with the visitor.