Pangasinan Day, anyone?

There has been a raging debate over Aksyon Radyo Pangasinan on the need to have a Pangasinan Day. Since time immemorial, Pangasinenses had not had a real Pangasinan Day celebration.

A listener even phoned in to say that what he thought as Pangasinan Day was the Pistay Dayat.

Others said that what they thought as Pangasinan Day was the provincial non-working holiday every Nov. 13. Of course, Nov. 13 is Speaker Eugenio Perez Day. Historian Rosario Mendoza Cortez said Pangasinan became an alcaldia mayor in 1580.

An article in the Wikipedia said Pangasinan was declared a province in 1611. But to date, no official documents yet have been found that would indicate the exact date. Lawyer Gonzalo Duque has suggested that the provincial government should declare a temporaray date as Pangasinan Day until such time that the founding day of the province is finally established.

Local historian Resty Basa agrees. What do you think?