Jollibee TV is coming to town

My whole family loves Jollibee. It is the ultimate Filipino icon.

I love the fact that you can eat a decent meal there for less than $1.

And it’s so true. “The Jollibee mascot is more popular than Mickey Mouse in this part of the world.”

Jollibee is Filipino. Filipino is Jollibee.

Jollitown mascots

Now, for some piece of news.Jollibee has branched out to a cartoon show on television. In a family-oriented format called Jollitown.


Coming home to ‘Angels’ Kitchen’

I’ve heard so much about Angels’ Kitchen in the news and from my readers, so I thought it’s about time we paid the place a visit. It’s a simple-looking cafeteria on 57 Northeast Connecticut St., a little further away from the maddening shopping crowd of Greenhills proper. This strip of NE Connecticut is interesting actually as it hosts a Bikram Yoga studio, a branch of Conti’s, UCC, an American Express bank, a couple of salons and the Konbini Tokyo store I mentioned in my earlier post.

What first greets diners is the open kitchen itself which is far from industrial, it is in fact what I would like to have for my ideal home. It’s a working kitchen, with a rectangular counter, and at the same time a showcase for the resto’s sinful desserts and take-home goodies.


The menu is quite sparse and well-organized. To begin our meal, I was almost tempted to order the Spread Sampler of Tuna Olive, Spinach Pesto and Chicken Pistachio Pate (P258) - until the server had the good mind to tell me that they DO offer a complimentary serving of the pate and melba toast. That was a nice gesture, I thought.

Chicken Pistachio Pate


Holy Week 2008 Manila

Why did I get the feeling that Manilans didn’t at all leave Manila during this long Holy Weekend?

Signs of this were the traffic as well as the crowded restos and other public places.

Chow King line

Long lines at Chow King in Blue Wave-Macapagal.

SEaside MOA

Black Friday dinner crowd at the new Seaside Market/San Miguel by the Bay in Mall of Asia - filled to capacity! Incidentally, I love this new hang-out, with its long bayside promenade. It reminds me of the original Baywalk, without the hassle of crowding in a major road. Among the restaurants found here are Harbor View Resto, Hawaiian Bar-B-Que, Pier One, Uno Pizzeria, Chiang Mai Thai Cuisine, JuiceMio, CFront and the Seaside Paluto places like Robbie’s, Aling Tonya’s, Sis, Claire de la Fuente and many others.


Brian Gorrell: the official mini-interview

brian gorrell

Brian Gorrell has proved that blogging is therapy, you don’t need a shrink. Still, there appears to be still a lot of pent-up anger and revelations that will be unveiled in his blog which has gripped Manila society by storm. Here, he replies to some of our questions begging to be answered. And okay, this will be the last of it!

Q. Your blog has become the most talked-about in town, what made you write it?

Brian: I wrote the blog out of sheer desperation. I was ignored for so long by so many people in Manila. No one cared that I had my entire life’s savings snatched away by my BOYFRIEND.

My blog has accomplished a few good things. So far,I have no money from DJ. But I have to look at the bigger picture as well. I am not selfish. It’s how come I am in the situation.

Q. What made you close th comments? We haven’t even seen the best of it yet.

Brian: I closed the comments section because my heart hurt. Its simple. I have been forced into this situation. I have been ignored and discarded. I am upset and very hurt. Devastated financially.
The whole thing started to get to me really.
But I kept thinking, 70,000 dollars. Its a lot of money for me. Everything I had.

Q. Relative to you, me and the rest of the ordinary folks, 70,000 dollars is a lot. What was the most expensive gift you gave DJ Montano?

Brian: Ha, the most expensive gift i gave DJ is my heart and soul. My spirit. My honesty.
He unwrapped them all with fever. Played with them for a while. And threw them on the pile of other old toys when he was done.

Q. What can you say to the opinion expressed by some people that you were “stupid” in ‘loaning’ him that big amount of money?

Brian: I understand that people think I am stupid. That I was stupid.

I was.
Its simple.
But I must warn others.
Because I was duped. Tricked. Swindled, Finessed. Robbed. Griftered. Humiliated.

And now I have no savings. And my HIV is not going away any time soon.