Sony H.ear Go SRS-HG1 Quick Review

Sony H.ear Go SRS-HG1 is one of the company’s latest premium-sounding wireless speaker with high-resolution audio and extra bass feature. Like all such speakers, it will allow you to stream audio from nearly any audio device. But does it offer promising sound for its price? Let’s find out on our review.

Design and Construction

The Sony H.ear Go SRS-HG1 has five different eye-catching looks in Lime Yellow, Viridian Blue, Bordeaux Pink, Charcoal Black and Cinnabar Red. It is also designed to be portable with just 0.79kg so that you can carry it around wherever you want. Undeniably, this is a sleek-looking speaker with a clean and elegant design that seems well-built.

sony hear go 1

There are five soft buttons on smooth-to-the-touch finish top — Power, Extra Bass, Volume Up and Down, and Hands-free Call. You will also see on this side the six tiny LED lights with assigned labels that indicate the different modes and functions of the speaker — Charge, Link, Network, Bluetooth, USB and Audio In. Pressing the “Extra Bass” button on top allows you to enter Sony’s Extra Bass technology that promises to deliver deep and punchy bass sound, while pressing the “Power” button longer will activate the Bluetooth pairing option. Additionally, the NFC chip is placed on this side for easy pairing to any NFC-enabled devices.

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Take a look at the back and you will see another grill for the rear bass radiator. There is also a big “Function” button on the upper right corner for you to switch into the different connection modes. The micro-USB and the DC IN are located on the lower back along with the 3.5mm port for wired connection. This is also where the Stereo Pair, Set Up and Update/WPS button are also sitted in line with the Left and Right Stereo indicators.

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Sound Quality

The Sony H.ear Go SRS-HG1 features a dual 35mm full-range drivers and passive radiators paired with high resolution audio. It also has an array of connectivity options like the standard 3.5mm audio input, Bluetooth, USB, DLNA and Wi-Fi. We often end up using its Wi-Fi connectivity option to connect into our home network so that we can directly stream music via Google Cast or Spotify Connect.

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Like any Sony speakers, it boasts exceptional sound quality. The battery life is rated at around 12 hours, which is great. It’s excellent when it comes to highs with clean midrange that made vocals sound crisp and present. It obviously got a punchier bass, thanks to its extra bass feature, which overall improved the sound quality. It also excelled with Chainsmokers’ Closer and Roses with a mellow and smooth bass drop.

sony hear go 5

Furthermore, if you’re a type of person who always want to follow the beat, its precise detail and powerful bass will surely take you anywhere at all times. Since it fusions stunning sound with easy connectivity, this wireless speaker is undeniably a perfect choice. Check out our product demo video below of the Sony SRS-HG1 featuring some of the EXUDE Dancers from our friends at Far Eastern University Institute of Technology.


The Sony H.ear Go SRS-HG1 is one of the best sounding wireless speakers you can buy with one caveat: it’s a little bit pricey at Php9,999. Additionally, it may not be as compact or have quite sturdy design compare to others, but it still sounds exceptional and visually-appealing. The addition of its wide range of connectivity may also come in handy for users who bring their speaker everywhere they go. This is certainly worth checking out if you are looking for a high-end wireless speaker with high-resolution audio and is capable of delivering deep and clear bass.

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Sony H.ear Go SRS-HG1 specs:

Dimensions: 204 x 62 x 60mm
Weight: 0.79kg
Speaker Type: Full Range
Connections: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, DLNA, Google Cast, Spotify Connect
Input and Output Terminals: Micro-USB, 3.5mm jack
Power: AC Power, Rechargeable Battery

What we liked about it:

* Great overall sound quality
* Clear sound reproduction
* Exceptional mids and highs
* Powerful bass
* Loud volume
* Wide range of connectivity
* Long battery life

What we disliked:

* A bit pricey


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