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THE WORLD is an increasingly dangerous place for journalists. On average, more than 30 journalists are murdered every year, and the murderers go unpunished in nearly nine of 10 cases. Hundreds of journalists each year are attacked, threatened, or harassed. Many are followed or have their phone calls and Internet communications intercepted. More than 150 are behind bars at any given time, some without being charged with a crime. The whereabouts of at least 35 journalists are unknown. Throughout the profession, journalists face emotional stress whenever they cover stories involving pain or loss of life, from the sexual abuse of children to terrorist attacks against civilians. – Introduction, A New World of News, CPJ Journalist Security Guide


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SAFETY has always been one key issue for journalists in the frontlines. In the Philippines, it is not only those covering war who are at risk. The Ampatuan Massacre, where 32 journalists and media workers were killed, was a grim reminder that those working in the provinces can be killed while covering an event as simple as the filing of a certificate of candidacy.

Today, on our Journalist’s Toolbox, we are featuring the Journalist Security Guide posted on the Committee to Protect Journalist’s website. This comprehensive guide covers topics from basic preparedness to assessing and responding to risks and how to deal with various types of risks.

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PCIJ's Ed Lingao on the field in Afghanistan

PCIJ’s Ed Lingao on assignment in Afghanistan

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