Energy reactivated, Dream ruined

Last July 1, 2011, Energy FM returned to the airwaves in a new frequency, 106.7. It began with a stinger of the genie waking up Energy. As a result, Energy is not dreaming. It is now awake. It is now branded as 106.7 Energy FM (since Energy FM on Dream 106.7 is considered a very redundant brand). However, on June 4, its DJs & Programs debuted.

Speaking of 106.7, it used to be 106.7 Dream FM for the last 7 years. It was owned by TV5 for 18 years. It signed off last June 30, 2011 at 11:58pm. Prior to the sign off, station owner Tonyboy Cojuangco made an unfortunate & challenging move, which is, to team up with UBSI & air Energy FM. Reasonably, he wants to improve the format & spend less. Rebecca Sy, UBSI chairperson, said she expects to replicate its success and make it among the fastest growing media brands. With this, the partnership is the shortcut to the top. However, Dream FM continues its broadcast online.

Since Cojuangco bought TV5 7 years ago, he shouldn’t have reformatted Kool 106 to 106.7 Dream FM. Instead, he should have maintained Kool because it is a Hot AC (Masa) station, unlike Dream FM, which is a Smooth AC (Niche) station. Looks like Cojuangco is nowadays not doing anything to keep Dream FM at all. He should just maintain it. I know this is a huge disappointment to Dream FM listeners, but this is what happened & the decision is with Cojuangco’s hands.

Anyway, I may hope that Energy FM is happy with his new home on 106.7. And I hope that there will be less Masa stations.

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