Kaya Restaurant’s P99 Rice Toppings Meal

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If you happen to pass by Kaya, Korean Restaurant and decided not to dine there because you think it might be too expensive. Well, yeah Kaya’s prices for its regular menu items are pretty stiff indeed. But thank goodness for the addition of a meal-type menu item. Now for P99 you can experience some of the best Korean dishes and side dishes topping a korean (or probably Jasmine) rice. And the meal even comes with a free soup, free beef stew soup (minus the beef). The side dishes include some kimchi, crispy, sweet and spicy fried mini shrimps, bean sprouts, and a fried veges which I don’t know what its called.

The rice meals comes in various types. There’s the spicy chicken, spicy pork strips, spicy squid, and beef stew.

And after enjoying that hearty Kaya rice meal toppings, spare a few bucks more and order their yummylicious Gelatto scoops. It comes in three flavors, and everybody’s favority local chocolate - choknut is best tasting of all the flavors.

Gelatto Scoops

I know of only two Kaya Restaurants, both in the Ortigas area (Megamall and Podium). Better check it out now.

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